Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today should have been the day

I was due Sept 30th and my original OB had me on her schedule for today for my c-section. This was before everything went wrong. But in my perfect world.....I would be a the hospital meeting my precious angel today.......not the 5th of August and not for only 3 days. But my aching heart is proof this is not a perfect world.
Eric and Murray and I want to release some balloons again today. My son must have the biggest bouquet of balloons in heaven.
Damnit I miss him.


  1. Cristen - I will be watching for those balloons in the sky.

    Thinking of you all today.

  2. Sorry for your heartache. Wish I could sit with you, hug and cry with you. I will pray for your comfort.

  3. I made your son's balloon bouquet a little larger for you today:

    Love- Mal