Thursday, October 29, 2009

snow day

I'm in Colorado where we have just had 2 full days and going into the 2nd night of snow. We had over 20 inches today. It's a beautiful sparkly snow that is sticking to everything including the electrical wires. It makes the world look new and clean. Murray had a great time (for all of 10 minutes at a time) playing in the snow. Eric and I are slowly, ever so slowly making progress on decluttering our home and getting it put back together. I guess there is hope for us.
I am going to order the prints of Cayden that NILMDTS took for us. I want him on my walls more. I have 2 of him in my room, a couple in the living room and a couple on the fridge.....but not enough. They all seem sorta haplessly placed. Trying to figure out just how the hell I am going to do a 5K on Nov 8th when I haven't done jack sh*t in the way of excercise.
Murray stopped in mid jabber last night to sing the beatles to me "all you need is love, all you need is love love. love is all you need" and threw his arms around me and said "i love you mama". Talk about a kid knowing just what his Mama needs.

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  1. Sweet little Murray. What a precious son you have. I grew up in Chicago, love the snow but happy to be in California now!
    Hope your weekend is pleasant. God Bless.