Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fast Forward & Thanks

I know I have to wait till Feb for my body to heal. I know I want my body to be as close to 100% before we start trying for Cayden and Murrays little brother or sister. I know we both need time to get our heads on straight. I KNOW all this. But I WANT to be pregnant again right fricken now.

I also want all the lost baby mamas whose blogs I follow how much you helped me on Thursday night. I lost my marbles. I was sitting here crying, listening to the CD of music I picked for Caydens celebration, looking at his photo and yellow butterfly candle......and did I mention crying? So after I gave myself a full hour of this I searched out my fellow mamas. And somehow just knowing you were sitting and remembering your angels gave me solace. So thank you.


  1. Oh Cristen - can't tell you how familiar that sounds! Glad you were able to come on-line and feel some love... you certainly have it.

  2. i left you a blog award go check it out. prayers to you