Monday, October 5, 2009

2 months my love

Had an appointment today and while in the waiting room, which was stuffed to the gills with new babies. I'm not kidding.....there was a 2 1/5 month old little girl next to me and across from me was a woman with twins born on aug 8th. Nothing like looking at a little healthy boy who was born 2 days before Cayden.......seeing what could/would/should have been. When we came out of our appointment there were 3 more women with tiny babies and one more on her way in. Murray noticed one of the babies was crying and pointed out that "our Cayden didn't cry". No our Cayden didn't cry, but his mama and daddy have cried enough for him for 12 lifetimes.
I did get a package in the mail though from Lea at Nicholas' Touch. It was Caydens angel wings which she and her two boys lovingly made for my boy. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cayden is out there directing things into the path of my life at the moment I need them most. I love his little wings and it reminds me that I'm sure he is using the wings he received the moment he left me and flitting all around us......clearing a path for us and making his love and presence felt.

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  1. I recieved Janessa's today too on a day I really needed them. It must be them coordinating these things huh? :)