Sunday, October 4, 2009

made it through

It seems I made it through Cayden's due date. But not without a little help from him. It's been getting chilly here in Denver, so I figured there would be no more yellow butterflies, but as I was driving and looked to my left and there was the biggest one I have ever seen. He was fluttering around along side my van as I drove and then he seemed to follow my van down the road for a bit. There is no way anyone can tell me that it wasn't my angel directing that resiliant bad assed butterflys flight path into mine. I know it was Caydens way of telling me to keep moving forward, to keep trying, and keep on.
Later that day my wonderful husband came home from work with flowers for me. This man knows my heart and it doing his best to carry me and my broken heart. I know I am a lucky woman to have such a man like him, to have such a little boy like my Murray and such an angel boy like my Cayden.
Also on September 30th, Caydens due date, Carly from To Write Their Names in the Sand.....posted Caydens name in the sand at her angel Christians beach. Again I trust that this came at the perfect time for a reason. Thank you Carly. I pray your water babe is growing stronger and healthier every minute.
I can't for the life of me figure out how to get his beach picture to post on my blog. If anyone can help......please guide me.
So I made it through. I made it through with the help of my boys. I reckon that's how I will make it through the rest of my days.

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  1. What an amzing gift from your Cayden!

    Janessa used to send me dragonflies.