Sunday, April 18, 2010

ready and not

I sooo want to be trying to get pregnant again right this damned minute. Doctor said we could start trying in February. Doctor said my weight had nothing to do with what happened to Cayden. Heart and soul scream a different story. I feel I need to lose a good 60 lbs before I will feel comfortable trying again. I am 40 years old. Time is a wasting. Waist is not shrinking. Of course it isn't going to unless I actually DO something about it. I keep telling myself when my taxes come in I will get a membership to a fitness club here. But the problem is I have a stationery bike in my basement. A good one. I have punches to go to the rec center and do pilates. The weather is getting nicer and nicer here and I could easily walk. BUT I AM DOING NOTHING!!! What gives? Where is my inner strength?

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