Monday, January 4, 2010


Well (does it seem I start all my blog entries with the word Well??), it's 2010. No longer the year I was pregnant with Cayden. No longer the year Cayden was born. No longer the year I had my precious 3 days with Cayden. No longer. So now what? I look forward to 2010, I have great hope for 2010. What do I hope for in this new year? I hope to get pregnant again and to have a healthy happy pregnancy and bring home a healthy happy baby. I hope Eric gets some steady work and we can catch up on some of the mounting bills. I hope that we can continue to love each other and support each other as we continue down this shitty road of grief. I hope somehow we can steal away for a much needed tropical get away. I hope. I guess that's the main thing. I still have hope. Hope is a good thing. Hope can carry me a long way. I know cuz hope is what carried me through the initial diagnosis of Cayden through his entire short life.
I have been reading alot of blogs and there is a theme going through alot of them about what your word of the year is. It has started me thinking. What would my word of the year be for 2010? I guess hope would be it. So come on 2010 treat me right. I hope.

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